Friday, January 24, 2014

Be Who You Want Your Kids to Be!

This post will strictly be for me to vent.

Let me begin with saying how people don't want their kids bullying or even being bullied. Now, where do you think they learn to become these bullies. I'm going to use a prime example I see happen just about everyday. FACEBOOK. We see more bullies there then in reality. Why? Because the fear of retaliation is gone, we can hide behind the keyboard. I will narrow it down a bit. On facebook I'm sure you have seen the military hatred posts (like in the picture below). Yes she said mean things doesn't mean we have to also. Maybe she just truly doesn't understand the military life. Being a military brat is completely different than being a military spouse. Or being a civilian child and then marry into the military now that will change your outlook completely... But today the post hit me hard:

Well the person who reposted this continued to call her a piece of shit. And that got me thinking:
I understand how angry that post may make you. It makes me angry as well. But did you ever stop to think it was another hoax. Or even if it isn't, she does have her right to freedom of speech. We don't have to agree with her But it doesn't mean we have to go around and blast her, calling her names and what not.  I mean for those of you who have kids, you don't want them being the bully, correct?  Now, I'm not saying you do this, I'm saying it happens. If you are going to sit here and disrespect someone for their opinion, don't get mad when you are the one disrespected. Or if your kid becomes the bully you don't want them to be.  Who do you think they learn it from. We can't expect them not to do something we do. 

What happened to the golden rule: "Do onto others as you wish others to do onto you."
Be a role model.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Computer issues!


I'm sorry I have been MIA. My computer needed to be repaired. It had so many viruses on it. But thankfully geek squad is great & got them all off.  So what have I been up too? Well, I was fighting a cold for a while. We visited family in jersey for New years. The dogs finally got to experience snow. That was a cute show haha. Now I have began to try making full means maybe not from scratch. but semi scratch! It's quite fun. I will continue to keep you posted. I also am still waiting to hear from my doctor about the John Hopkins things. 

I hope everyone's new year is starting off to a good start :)