Care Packages

Care packages can be difficult if you have no idea what you are doing. I remember making my first care package, it was horrible. I had no idea what to do, how to send it, nothing. I became really close with the ombudsman. It's actually quite simple. If you don't think it would make it many days and extreme heat or cold, don't send it. If you have specific questions I will be glad to help :). Please don't hesitate to ask!

Care Package # 1:

He asked for a blanket and I didn't want to ship just the blanket.
Theme: Movie Night(he took all the movies)
Care package includes:
a blanket
6 boxes of candy
3 bags of popcorn

Care Package #2:

My living room while working on a care package with a spouse!
Care package Number 2:
Include a lot of snacks
few games
& more

Care Package #3!

The few items going in it! missing the fudge

Theme: Memories.
 May 5th will mark us being married for 6 month!

Fudge! part of it will go in this care package!

cookies & cream Fudge!! <3

 Care Package #4 :

forgot to take pictures!

Care Package #5!

 July Theme!! :)

Cake in a Jar !!

 Hoping he enjoys these :)

 Package #6:

Sorry ladies! I can't share a picture here.
It is more of a gag package!
a cow, some "love" scratch off cards.
Boobies lollipops and boobies gummies.
I will share what he thinks when he gets it! :)

Package #7:

This is the last package for this deployment as I am worried, that if I send out another one it won't get to him in time!

He finally got it about a month and a half later!
That means I can share it now!
Theme Double Digits Down hill from here!!
Two cartons cigs
beef jerky
flavored packets add to water
shampoo & body wash
wet wipes
Little snacks (cracker & cheese, oreo, Granola bars and more)