Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Month Two Weeks!

This week has been rough and it only half way! man oh man! I really am starting to hate work. The way the treat me is unbelievable. quitting is right around the corner.  As it's only Wednesday still half way to go through the week!

Well it's Thursday! Wednesday night I received some bad news. And I knew my husband would call Thursday morning. well he did right as I am called back for an appointment. I had to answer it and tell him I love him and I'm here for him. And few other things. then let him know I had to go to this appointment and would be done within an hour. Now I'm waiting. waiting for another phone call.


the life a military spouse. I feel so helpless. He has told me he feels broken and torn up inside.(in less than 3 weeks, he has lost two family members)

Well my hubs has received both second and third care package little out of order but hey. It is nice for him to get those after everything. The week comes to end tonight. that meaning one more week down!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

One month & one week!

One month & One week began April 15th!

Monday night was horrible, things I wish never went down took place. Tuesday night after class I received not so great news. I really don't want to put details online, just please pray for my husband and his family. I feel so bad. Mac has seemed so depressed when we talked. I have never felt so helpless. Wednesday I had my procedure! the spot has been removed. two weeks until the stitches are removed!! I can't wait because it itches so bad. Afterwards, I went to visit my mom because I took off of work. I stayed with her overnight. Thursday class was canceled! So I enjoyed my full day with my mom. we went to the mall and enjoyed some mother daughter time. Well now it's Friday. I had physical therapy today for my back. When I was leaving I was told that they doctor wanted me to go three times a week. So three times a week fun. Now I have to work tonight. no plans but working the rest of the weekend and homework.

Have a great weekend everyone.

One month down!

It's been a little over a month.

I would like to just say I'm proud of all those who left in their battle group! One month down! hoping it goes by this quickly the whole time


sorry haven't posted much. I've been way busy. Thursday went out with some friends. Besides that I have been busy with work. Classes started back this week as well! it's interesting so far. I didn't go to one of my classes and it's canceled next week so this should be interesting.

Everyone who knows me knows that I really don't own any dresses!
Well I have finally broke down and bought a few!
 Joe Nichols concert! Above are two of the girls I went with.
Below I'm not sure where I was then but I know it's Thursday night!

Monday, April 1, 2013

& this is why

My husband sent me a cute little poem. It made my day. It made me smile. I can't even explain how it made me feel.

So grateful to have a wife like you
times being so far apart
For the things you do
I'll always keep it in my heart
Across the ocean
You, I can always count on
biting your nails
Waiting for your mate
Wipe away those tears
You don't need to cry
On our way to 3 years
So don't you sigh
I'm still there by your side
We feel the same
So ill let you decide
The person to blame
Being so tired
The days keep going
The time will be expired
Soon you will be glowing
At the end of the pier
Waiting for that time
Wash away those tears
Soon ill be home
And wipe away your fears
again you will not be alone
You can start feeling the motion
The motion of the waves rocking
Side to side across the ocean
Entering into many canals
Going through the straight
Seeing you


He truly is my heart and soul :).
I love him more than anything.