Sunday, April 14, 2013

One month & one week!

One month & One week began April 15th!

Monday night was horrible, things I wish never went down took place. Tuesday night after class I received not so great news. I really don't want to put details online, just please pray for my husband and his family. I feel so bad. Mac has seemed so depressed when we talked. I have never felt so helpless. Wednesday I had my procedure! the spot has been removed. two weeks until the stitches are removed!! I can't wait because it itches so bad. Afterwards, I went to visit my mom because I took off of work. I stayed with her overnight. Thursday class was canceled! So I enjoyed my full day with my mom. we went to the mall and enjoyed some mother daughter time. Well now it's Friday. I had physical therapy today for my back. When I was leaving I was told that they doctor wanted me to go three times a week. So three times a week fun. Now I have to work tonight. no plans but working the rest of the weekend and homework.

Have a great weekend everyone.