Monday, April 1, 2013

& this is why

My husband sent me a cute little poem. It made my day. It made me smile. I can't even explain how it made me feel.

So grateful to have a wife like you
times being so far apart
For the things you do
I'll always keep it in my heart
Across the ocean
You, I can always count on
biting your nails
Waiting for your mate
Wipe away those tears
You don't need to cry
On our way to 3 years
So don't you sigh
I'm still there by your side
We feel the same
So ill let you decide
The person to blame
Being so tired
The days keep going
The time will be expired
Soon you will be glowing
At the end of the pier
Waiting for that time
Wash away those tears
Soon ill be home
And wipe away your fears
again you will not be alone
You can start feeling the motion
The motion of the waves rocking
Side to side across the ocean
Entering into many canals
Going through the straight
Seeing you


He truly is my heart and soul :).
I love him more than anything.

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