About Me

About Me:

A Nanny
22 years old.
Try to be optimistic.
Favorite color is blue.
Narcoleptic w/Cataplexy
Dream is to be a Victim's Advocate
Associates Degree Concentrated in Criminal Justice.
Bachelor's Degree concentrated in Criminal justice Administration.
Currently Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development 


Bucket list:

**not listed in any type of order**
*will be updated and have things added as wanted:)*

  1. Visit Ground Zero
  2. Watch the sunrise on a beach
  3. Run/Walk a Marathon to raise awareness of multiple issues.(abuse, illness, etc)
  4. Visit NYC on New Years Eve
  5. Get an Associates Degree
  6. Get a Bachelor's Degree
  7. Become a victim's advocate
  8. Help a child in need
  9. Travel to the West Coast
  10. Visit a different state not connect to my current state (current state: VA visited: Jersey)
  11. Visit a foreign country
  12. Visit Hawaii
  13. A weekend getaway without technology
  14. Take my husband somewhere he hasn't been yet.
  15. Move somewhere new(One side of the water to another haha)
  16. Move out of Hampton Roads
  17. Visit states where I have family
  18. Visit states my husband's has family 
  19. Ride a train
  20. Ride a subway

 States I've Visited:

*not including states driven through*
  1. Virginia (born and raised)
  2. Florida
  3. New Jersey
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. North Carolina
  6. Delaware
  7. New York