Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holidays Cheer

With the holidays literally around the corner, I try to share the cheer. But this year it seems to be really hard to get the mood. I managed to get Mac gifts however, the rest is all blah. I even tried to go see the lights at Botanical Gardens. They were amazing but just didn't helped.

So now, I'm still trying. I think it was because Mac was gone all year. I have the tree set up. presents under it. & Thanks to my mother in law there are now more presents.

Although, there are presents, I want to take a step back. Christmas isn't about the presents, it is about family and friends. However, I knew that years ago. I am shamed to admit I looked forward to gifts every year expect this one! I guess it took me being married and having my husband gone majority of the year to realize this. I have everything I want and need. I have a roof over my head, food and medical, amazing animals, everything I need. Now, I have Mac here. It's everything I need. I also have more things than I did growing up and I wouldn't take it for granted now.  So, yes gifts are nice, but lets not forget the meaning behind the holidays. There are many families who don't have their loved ones home for the holidays. They would give away all gifts just to have their loved ones home.

So I leave you with this surprise homecoming video.

Happy Holidays Everyone <3

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