Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back at it!

Bare with me this will be a jump around post.

Well, I have been able to write for a bit. I have been really busy. I finally have gotten everything in the works. My primary care told me not to worry because I'm a female so I'm suppose to be osteopenic (something like that). Mac is on a whole new schedule duty day(24 hours) then work day, which means he goes in around 6 one day and won't get off until after the next work day. Then he comes home and the next day works nights back to back. So this week he had duty Monday, came home after work Tuesday, nights tonight and tomorrow, then Friday off Saturday off, duty Sunday. Then this schedule just about repeats.

I have enrolled in school again. I will be going back for my second bachelors all online. I start on the 26th! This year we have a lot of stuff going on. So I will try to post frequently. no promises. It is crazy to see it's march!!

Mac starts looking at orders in November! What should I expect now......

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