Monday, November 18, 2013

Keeping My Head Up

Good afternoon.

Well, another Monday has come! Today has been quite busy for me. Mac is on duty. His last duty day before he goes on leave :). I saw the Rheumatologist today. ( He hopefully may find why I have a few things wrong that I have.)

I'm not sure I like his personality. I mean I understand why he is the way he is, I think. He asked me a bunch of family history questions.  This doctor also used terms I didn't really know. If I didn't answer questions right away he would ask them again. Granted he is the first, well second now, to truly show he is looking to find the answers. He also went through some exams like making me bend over, bending my knees, feeling my senses on my hands and ankles.  The doctor closed the appointment with, "There definitely is something wrong, we are just unclear what right now. These labs may help." (As he handed me a prescription paper with 13 different labs). & Told me to have them done as soon as possible.

So what do I do, I drive to Langley and have all 13 labs done then. Almost all 13 were drawn from the same arm. But near the last 4 my vain wasn't having anymore; the tech had to switch arms. After all the labs were done, I felt extremely weak. So I have been taking it slow since.

Now I wait...........

(results in a few weeks)

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