Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Well, everyone says readjusting is rough. I know see why that can be. Shortly before mac got home he received a package. This package was the Call of Duty Ghost.  Well, now I don't know. I'm glad he enjoys playing it, & I'm trying to give him his space. But something doesn't feel right. Me I rather just turn the game off and spend time with him.

Don't get me wrong we did spend sometime together before he started playing it. But now in his free time That's what it is.... Call of Duty. I wouldn't be so bothered by this but something happened today that has pushed me a bit to feel this way. Today after we got back from errands and what not, he started the game. Ok fine, so I decided to visit a friend down the street. His response was where, why, and when will I be home. I get that he is loving and caring ok, but you're playing a game I really don't want to watch. Well, I went; I wasn't even gone two hours. I come home to a disgusted look on his face...... Maybe he is drained from the game. I don't know. Honestly, I don't really know how he is truly. I ask.

When I ask I get yeah, I'm alright. So I don't push anymore. Don't get me started on cleaning.........

Time for me to get back in the groove doesn't help that I'm just not in the mood. I prefer to lay around and just lay there then do anything right now. Hopefully things will change come his soon approaching leave.

Well I will post again soon. Staying positive and hoping it's just hormones making me feel this way :)

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