Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Little to No Time

Dear Readers,

I've been extremely busy. I received my first case, I wish I could tell you about it but that would be violating the Confidentiality of the child. I have been off of prozac for about 3 weeks. I'm now on another medication to control the cataplexy. It has help my symptoms, I know definitely understand the difference between cataplexy and dizzy spells. I have managed to sleep maybe 3 out of 12 days without waking up once. Since the dosage was changed, it's new change for my body and keeping me awake. The couple I work for now are amazing! The little boy is the sweetest one I've meet. He is 8 years old. Oh let's not forget my husband has been put in the system for re-enlistment stuff. He will start looking in November, stay tuned! This month I have a lot of things going on; stay tuned for another update of my crazy life.

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