Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial weekend...

It's a time to remember our a troops! Well this Memorial Day was extremely hard.

*(My open heart/emotion post )*

 This past weekend was nice(end of may) & got me thinking. I have always thanked the troops for what they have done. But this past Memorial Day I have a HUGE reason to see it differently. Growing up, I didn't have parents in the military. I never experience anything they go through first hand, I just knew they risked their lives. While dating Mac I started to see a bit more. Now married to him, I see a lot more first hand. I never truly knew or at least completely registered the sacrifices they make, like leaving family and friends when duty calls. So with all this being said I want to make one more big THANK YOU to all our armed forces men and women and their families for ALL their sacrifices to protect our freedom. 

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