Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ups & downs! The emotional roller coaster

Well today after giving both the pups a bath. I went to the nex! I got zoey a new leash and roxy a new collar! Then they both got a new name tag!!! :) 

Then I get home check my email. Well, I'm happy, sad, upset, mad, hating etc. Mac emailed me! I'm happy he did. I'm happy he told me know instead of when he gets home. But I just can't shake this feeling. I know it will be easier but it's like really. A smack in the face. He says that he got put in for another school 3 months after they get back, up to may. It's not approved yet. But it'a in Chicago about 5-6 months long. It's the school he wants to go so by all means I want him to go. But how  am I suppose to feel here?? 

I know it will be easier then this deployment he says he will fly me there etc. 
But I'm lost in emotions right now. Though I'm sure he better go if approved specially since he wants to.

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