Tuesday, June 25, 2013

T minus a few days!!!!!

Well this week has been rough. My cat, princess, was dropped off last night for a procedure today. She has a cancerous spot right behind her leg. They vet called today and told me that they couldn't remove it all because of where it is located. Depending on what type of cancer it is they may need to amputate her leg:/. Hoping we will not have to come to that seeing as she is 9 years old. I may be able to pick her up today if she is ok with her leg!
It's the spot between her leg and her hand! 

On a bright note, mac has let me drive his car to go visit his family!! I can't wait to go not much longer! I will be going soon. Spending time with his mom and sister. maybe stopping in to visit his dad, down fall is I don't know how to get where they will be at.