Sunday, October 13, 2013

Don't Give Up!

Good afternoon! 

Everyone here has something that they may be struggling with, that is ok. If we never struggled we would not learn. We all have things that happen and you just want to give up. Well, your attitude towards it will depend on how things go for you. 

Deployments are rough, underway can be too. It just depends on you as a person. It's been 7 months since Mac & I said our "see you laters". We both have been through a lot. I won't lie, however I can't say what he has been through because I personally wasn't there. In these past 7 months, everything that has happened I could drag around being depressed about but I don't. Day one of the deployment not even 24 hours after he left the toilet overflowed (soaked the floor). I took a deep breath and thanked god I am renting. I have had drama, instead of getting worked up someone is talking crap about me, I smiled. I smile, because I know she is only doing it out of jealousy. I lost my cat of 12 years. But I told myself she lived a great life and she left on her own time. I've had issues with my health fighting doctors to just look at me. However, I know that soon I will get an answer when the time is right. 

Now, let's think, if I had an horrible attitude I wouldn't be writing this. I would be depressed and time would go by so much slower.  However, I will say your friends help sway your attitude in life. (One sour apple can turn a group of apples bad). Also Remember you are not alone, there are people that may even have things worse than you. (Just don't try to compare your life to someone else, it never goes well).

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