Monday, October 7, 2013

It's How You Get Back Up...

I'm sure everyone has been knocked down once before. It doesn't have to strictly be physical. You could even be knocked down mentally or by words. Each way hurts one way or another. So when you are down you have two options. One- stay down or Two- get back up and prove that ass wrong.

What do you choose?

Well, I choose to get back up!

So below, I'm writing this to let people know that one who talks the most about others, or knocks you down usually envies your life. So no matter what they say, your true friends will know it's not true. So I will put everything out there. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

The one who tries to knock you down the most, usually envies your life

This deployment hasn't not been friendly. I have had my ass handed to me. People in my life instead of their own. I have meet the wives that are the reasoning why navy wives have a stereotype. I have been majority drama free and help myself busy. The beginning was the hardest. No matter what happened, I won't talk crap about this navy wife, who I will call Jane Doe (not her real name). Well, on a "girls night out", there was four of us, I decided to have a good time and drink a bit. (got DRUNK). Anyways, near the end of the night, I saw a classmate from middle and high school. I didn't tell the other girls I knew him. we talked for a bit, then he left. Later, I did get sick in the bathroom so we left. well actually we sat down and waiting for me to come down a bit. While we all sat and waiting, two men came and talked with us. These wives decided to make plans to hang out somewhere else, I couldn't because I was due to work. I don't know how much longer after that we started walking to the car except I hurt my ankle so I decided to ask for a piggyback ride to the car, the guy said yes.

Well not even a week later. I am being told I messaged Jane Doe's husband and told him that she was cheating on him, she supposedly has proof. I have never seen this proof. Well, then I am being told that I have had my picture taking when talking to the classmate and getting the piggyback ride (well, my husband knows that whole story). So if I didn't tell her it was me she was sending it to my husband. Whatever. Go ahead. Jane Doe and another wife decided it would be best if we never hung out again until things were straight. I made it easy and never contacted them again.

Well, it's back! I have been informed I'm being called a drugie(because I use to be a lot heavier). I am a cheater supposedly guys stay at my house and I sleep with them. (And I have told someone because they have proof, which I haven't seen).Nearly 6 or 7 months ago it is still being talked about. Which honestly, I could careless. She really doesn't know what has happened in my life, so she can call me whatever she wants or do whatever she wants. My husband knows almost everything I do & that is all that matters :).

With all this being said, I have learned to be more cautious when meeting anyone. I love meeting new people but it takes time for me to truly give a friendship it's all up front! But that doesn't stop me from having GREAT FRIENDSHIPS! I have met some of the best people since this incident.

I wouldn't change this deployment for anything!! I've learned a lot.

Remember those who talk envy. I put this all out there for those who may know or not know. Don't let anyone get you down.  :) If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :)

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