Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Rollercoaster Ride

* ^belings should be belongs

Rough Week Ahead

Tomorrow will begin my emotional rollercoaster. I go back to work tomorrow! I'm excited about that. I'm still healing. Mac hasn't called yet but I can patiently wait for that. Fingers crossed that it will be Sunday!!! That will make my day! Grades go in on the 19th for school, I have officially completed all class assignments, so I am done with school, Well at least my Bachelor's. I may go back and use the MyCAA before Mac advances. 

Oh a bright note, I get to open the boxes that have been sitting here for weeks this week!!!!!!!! Mac ordered me presents and they have sat here since the end of August! He told me I wasn't allowed to open them until my birthday! Well, My birthday is this week!!!!!! 

Stay tune for what they are coming soon..... 

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