Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Night

It's another night here. Classes are done so my nights aren't as occupied anymore. I'm really missing Mac tonight. Just the things he would do being here. As you are aware, I am recovering for an emergency Appendectomy.

Well, walking the dogs early one jerked me the wrong way and it really has hurt since. He would walk them for me. But that isn't all that I miss. I am tired of the empty side of the bed he would sleep on. The way he comes home smelling like the ship, even though I really don't like that smell. They way he would just pulling me close on the rough days I'm having or even in general. I miss the littlest of things.

This deployment I have avoided the Tv. I wasn't sure why at first, but I have finally found out why. Most shows have something around romance, love, or even some way of reminding me what he would do. So instead feeling down about it I have just avoided it.

I can keep telling myself I'm almost there. It doesn't seem to work like it did in the beginning. So now, I will continue to do whatever I can to stay busy. I have to clean, get oil changes, should shop for clothes (I don't know). Clothes mean nothing to me right now.

191 days down.

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