Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stress, Stress, Stress...

....Where is my Break?

Everyone has stress, it's natural. There is good and bad stress. We just have to learn to balance them. Well, sometimes that is harder said than down. So now is time to find an outlet to let go of all this stress and what not. I tried a hot bath that didn't work. I'm beyond exhausted today, so outdoors is out of the question. What's next? Any suggestions.

Health Matters Updates

Well, last week sometime, I received a phone call. Of course, I answer it half asleep. It is a nurse from 'Internal Medicine'. It wasn't good news for me. She had told me that even though my referral was approved that the doctor there had kicked it back because I didn't meet HIS criteria of internal medicine. But he gave recommendations to my doctors, a bunch of crap. He really doesn't know much about me. He has no idea I have struggled with my bones, breaking over 10 bones before I was 18. He doesn't know what's going on with my eye. He DEFIANTLY doesn't know about my mitral valve prolapse, because I forgot to mention it. There is so much more going on and if INTERNAL Medicine isn't looking who will?
Still seeing these lovely things called floaters
Well this weekend wasn't a good one for me. Saturday afternoon babysitting, the little girl was down for a nap. I'm just sitting on the couch and the my heart feels like it just stops. After it started again, it was a little painful but it simmered down a bit. So, I called the doctor on call. She asked a lot of questions most were no. Except starting a new medication. I had just started a medicine abut a week ago. Never had this heart feeling until now. Anyways she told me to try and wait it out specially because I didn't have any chest pain. A few hours later, boom. Chest pain begins. I patiently waited until the little girls mom got home. Thankfully April came with me to the hospital. I had an EKG, Urine sample, blood work, X-ray and they all came back clean. They gave me so pain meds while I waited. Well, upon discharge the er doc didn't say much except that he wrote a referral to Cardiology. And so begins the waiting game.........

once again.......

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