Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It Never Ends.

For once, I wish my health wasn't an issue.

My health has seemed to being going downhill. My previous post talks about going to the hospital for chest pains. Well this morning around 6, I finally break down and go for a whole different matter. Last night around 10pm I started getting pains to the point walking hurt to bad, so I decided to sleep. Well, sleeping last night was nearly impossible from the pain and the nausea combined. So I broke down and went in around 6am this morning. Upon getting there, I knew I looked like crap, basketball shorts, T-shirt & mac's navy hoodie (my hair I left up in a ponytail from the night before, a MESS). Well, a nice man let me go in front of him, I guess I looked as if I was in that much pain, which I was. I peed in a cup for urine sample, poked with a needle for the third time since Saturday (they didn't even use the blood today). The doctor checked my ovaries not cat scan or xray. He said it's either ovarian cysts or my appendix and to come back in 18-24 hours if the pain doesn't get better or gets worse.

Well, I didn't even make it the 18 hours. About 3pm with Vicodin in my system I was in so much pain I was crying. So I got back in the car and drove to the hospital on base. They did a ct scan with dye. & found something with my appendix. My mom made it up there before I had a ct scan! My uncle dropped her off. I was admitted for an appendectomy. The general surgeon was very nice. 

Well, my mom took my car home after the procedure. Today she tells me that I was hitting the nurse when I was waking up. My mom's post below! 

I was discharged today around 5pm and now resting a bit with the help of family. Specially taking care of my dogs. 

I will keep posting periodically. 

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