Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Day, Another.....

Well, it's Wednesday August 7th. It is the first time I have been home since Princess has past. It just doesn't feel right. She is really gone. Zoey and Roxy, are back to normal. But something is missing. Even got a sorry for you lost card from my vet :(.

On top of that I have no motivation. I can't even focus on school. In this past week, I have been put on academic probation for the midterm grades. Which isn't my fault! I turned in my paper for my online class got a 50 on it (didn't met criteria bull crap). Obviously a lot of people did it wrong he made an announcement about it. Then in another class, I turned in an assignment to "turn it in" crap, and got a zero for not turning it in to the right spot i guess. I don't know! I'm just ugh. I will get back into the groove just have to deal with this first.

And of course, communication is down! on a plus side officially somewhere in the double digits. I can not wait! i hope it goes by faster than anything! <3

Trying to find the positives..........

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