Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Crazy dreams equals little sleep

Dreams & Interpretation
The downside of deployment - crazy dreams.

Sleeping hasn't been very nice to me lately. I barely sleep. If I do it's horrible, toss and turning and crazy beyond belief dreams. I understand why I'm not sleeping very well. I have not had one good night sleep since Mac left! I can't wait for him to get back :). I'm getting anxious :) excited! :) 
Lately, my dreams are out of control. I don't see how they are relating to my life. This is kind of embarrassing to write about so bear with me. Here's an example, I'm really disturbed by it as well.

I was in a neighborhood helping a woman in an abusive relationship get out. I never saw her face; I know I don't know her. When we were leaving I saw a house across the way on fire but that was the only house around; besides the woman's of course. Well, while we were in the grass getting ready to leave, I don't know where the car is at; I thought it was starting to rain. Boy was I wrong. I look up and this guy, the boyfriend/husband I don't know is peeing out the window. He was aiming for me. No matter where I ran he managed to get pee on me. No matter how far away I went he still managed to pee on me. I don't know why. I'm not even sure anyone could be that long. Well, I woke up. And the dream ended.
Fell back to sleep to had another weird dream. I didn't understand. I have no idea how this can relate to my life. I didn't want any shows on tv were someone got peed on or a house on fire. I'm hoping they stop soon.

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