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How many of you read your horoscope? Do you read them on a daily basis or every so often? Even maybe once in a blue moon?

I never really read mine, maybe occasionally. Tonight, I was looking my horoscope up. I found an interesting article that fits me to a T. You have no idea. At first it did seem kind of harsh but, I know it's most of it is true. Now I'm a Virgo, if any readers are a Virgo I don't mean to offend you.

Now a quick little overview about me. I love to help people with a passion. Now I don't know why I do it, I just love it. I will burn myself out just trying to help someone. According to this article I found it tells me why I do it. But it makes it sound like I don't know that I'm volunteering myself and that it's not a favor.

Born from a lack of confidence and, ironically, an acute self-awareness. Virgos are their own worst critics, and assume that there's so much wrong with them that they're un-likeable. However, they're also quite particular about things and obsessive about details, and so their self-criticism doesn't stop them from being critical of others. Taken all together, many Virgos feel that people will only like them if they do a lot for them and evoke some gratitude.
According to that article I think I'm unlikeable because I was born form a lack of confidence and acute self-awareness. I personally think that's a lie. However, I will agree with this next part of the article:
Volunteering it is their choice, not a favour to the other person. By the time Virgo learns this lesson, it's too late, and it leaves the gentle Virgo with a great deal of resentment against the person who only gave them more criticism in return for all their sacrifice and hard work.
Volunteering is my choice and it's not usually a favor to the other person right. And usually by the time I have learned that, the way the person throws it in my face, I usually resent them. Although, I may resent them I don't feel it is because the criticism. I think it is more over the way it was done.

I can volunteer my time to help anyone that needs it. If they can't give a respectful criticism then they probably aren't worth it. There is a big difference between criticism and a STAB in the back. I know that difference so I do disagree with it there.

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