Monday, July 15, 2013

4 months down.

Well, we have hit four months and the emails are finally up. But I feel so lost :/. I miss him. I was fine the whole deployment until now. & of course it's night time again when I feel this way. Four months that's the longest we have been apart. It really does hurt but I know we are stronger than any deployment. You know how it is when you want to pick up the phone and tell them something but they can't answer.

 Mac & I usually don't talk on the phone while they are between ports. The port was over a month ago we talked maybe right before the communication was cut it wasn't much just a warning. Well, now I'm missing his voice mainly his face. When they are in port they usually are facetime so right now I really just want to see his face. I keep telling myself it's downhill from here but it seems harder now then it did before he left. Well, at least this week alone. I'm wondering if it is a hormonal unbalance thing after being taken off medication.

I've even begun planning homecoming. It doesn't look like I listed everything.

Homecoming To-Do List

Clean House
Get Hair Done
Get nails done
Find a cute outfit - yes I put this in there.
Get dogs groomed
Get Mac's family lodge
Get Mac's car cleaned
few other things -since he is now reading these :p

Do you think there should be anything else added to this list?