Thursday, July 18, 2013

unproductive productive day

Ever had that feeling you got so much done or better yet very productive day, but when you go to look back on your day you pretty much did nothing. Feeling that way today!!!

I was up by and at work by 5:10. Well, the kids pretty much let me sleep til 8:15 maybe that was a good thing! Off by 12. Went and picked up my prescription and made a trip to the bank. As soon as I got home grabbed some changed and made it to 711 to get a stamp. Got home and the letter for mac in the mailbox before the mailman came! Our mailman is very sweet! Everytime I hear the mail dropped in the mailbox, I hurry to the mailbox in hopes to receive the post card mac sent!! :). Well, then I managed to knock out day two of my online class. Still have two papers due by Sunday! I did manage to get some dishes done, restarted the washer. But after that it was pretty much class. But tonight I come home to two officers walking the premises I'm happy about that. Though, where were they when I was being approached by a complete stranger and 5 other people.

Well, besides that, I have emailed mac I knew what he could get me for my birthday!! His response was N what's that?. Well, my response was I want to get a concealed carry permit!but I need a gun.....

I'm waiting for his response.I wonder what he will say!! 

Well that was my day! unproductive right? I think so. But I feel like it was so productive!! 

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