Monday, July 29, 2013

Up, up, crash.

You know how things go so well for a while that it just doesn't seem true. Well, I think I have finally hit that. Everything was going great, things were finally falling into place. Until I woke up this morning. I woke up not feeling right, It wasn't a happy morning and I'm not sure why. I just woke up with that happy sad disappointment feeling, you know ladies that feeling no guy can understand. So I got up and kept dealing with my day, thankfully I received a text last night saying she had gotten off work early and I didn't have to go in.

Well, next thing, I feel like something is missing. what? I don't know. probably mac. But I've made it this far. Why just now does something feel like it's missing. ( no, I'm not saying I haven't missed him this whole time. Cause I sure have missed him). Maybe going from so much interaction to none. Or the things on my mind lately. I'm not sure. I know that it affected me so bad today, I didn't email mac. OF ALL THINGS I DIDN'T EMAIL HIM!!!! I always email him even if it is a hello, I love you, or even just good morning / good night. That isn't like me. So needless to say, it probably didn't help him today. He was the one that asked if everything was ok. How am I suppose to answer that when I can even answer it myself. My answer: It's just one of those blah days.

I'm hoping that going to bed tonight will be a new beginning. My mom will be here tomorrow, hopefully she can help shake this feeling.

Thanks for reading my minor vent for the day.

I will continue on and trust I can shake this feeling. I have a
great man by my side. Maybe not physically but he still is
there and with him there I can get through this feeling.
& most importantly :
 Conquer this deployment one day at a time

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