Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Long day coming to an end.

Productive day for me today kind of. I had to be at work by 0500. I get there and lay on the couch until the kids wake up about 0730. We went through our daily routine. I don't think little Jaythan likes seafood though. For lunch I had to make some shrimp things, I've personally never seen them but I don't like seafood. He took one bite and started screaming! Then spit it out!  After lunch is nap time!!! Jaythan woke up about 1330. Then miss Alexis woke up about 1530! & their dear daddy got home about 1600!! Well after their dad got home, I came home and take the dogs out. Afterward I knocked out day one of my online class. Thank goodness. Now it is time for me to relax a bit before almost identical day tomorrow.

128 days down for me. I'm really excited about that! still having to work on my list for homecoming! I don't want it to creep up too fast and then I run out of time trying to get it done!

It's been a very busy day. I'm exhausted but not exhausted enough to sleep I hope that makes sense.