Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good to disaster.

Yesterday was a great day in general then it just went to disaster. Well, I woke did what I usually do. Cleaned a bit, even got to email a bit with mac! It was a great day just because having a minor conversation on email it's been a while since I have been able to! Well, then I go to class. It was boring nothing new. society, law and government how more interesting can it get than talking about supreme justices and judges. About 9:30 my class was over. So then I head home.

So it was about 10 when I got back to the complex and before I entered the parking lot to go home there was a line of 6 black people(not trying to sound racist). (Lined from the curb to the complex). Well I stopped but then they stopped so I thought I was clear to go.  I went, by the time I had grabbed all my stuff and got out of the car; one of them came up to me. I hadn't even shut the car door. She was like didn't you see us walking. You didn't stop. So I responded I'm sorry but I did stop. She continued to say no you didn't. Then she got in my face and said if I ever hit her daughters I'd be in trouble. So I asked if it was a threat she said no it was a promise. But since I felt threatened I called the cops. (Now remember I have yet to even get on the curb to go inside my house) Then the woman was like my x is a detective and I will have them give you a citation and he will follow you or something along those lines. Well she continued to talk, I wasn't having it so I ignored her and waited for cops. I explained all this to them and how I didn't want to go in with them right here. I didn't feel safe and felt threatened I mean it's one of me and four teenagers & that women. I had them make that group leave before I went in.

Now I've seen these teenagers on a daily basics. Acting all big and bad. So I really didn't even want anything to do with them. But the cops took her info my info waited with me. I went in I had a friend come over to walk dogs with me. Then I went to bed.

It's amazing how a complete stranger can turn you day inside out and upside down!! I really just want my Husband home! one more day down is all I keep telling myself. I'm four months farther than when we started!!  I won't let a group of 6 people ruin my enjoyment of getting closer to seeing my husband! I refuse to sink!! <3