Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's been one of those.

The weekend was pretty good! Friday I went to my mom's. Saturday was a family reunion.
This is my family's way of having a cooler.
I was at the beach all day! I can't wait to see pictures that were taken. I played beach volleyball. Oh man how do I miss volleyball! :/ I really would love to play again!! well, Saturday was fun! I didn't make it back to my moms until around 4 in the morning. Woke up today around 10 ish wrote a paper and came home. I'm so tired now. I think it will be an early night. Really missing mac tonight. Getting frustrated with gmail. It doesn't show me an email until anywhere from 10 mins or more after I have truly received it. I look forward to those emails everyday. I have figured out the timing just about give or take a few mins. but then it's upsetting when gmail messes things up. I really hope he visits a port soon :) I can't wait to see his face again and even hear his voice. It's only down hill from here.

 This week is midterms :/.  So here is to a busy week.

Have a goodnight and good week! <3

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