Sunday, July 7, 2013

More than words. Closer to you. Never understood

Navy band:)

The water! The place I go to feel so close to him. July 4th was a very hard day. But I had my little brother with me. He helped me through this holiday. Every holiday it seems we talk about our armed forces. It usually doesn't bother me but this year it does. With Mac being gone and not hearing from him in about two weeks it made this holiday very hard. River city is where he is at. (Navy term not actual place) I miss him so much. I know he's protecting not only me but everyone. So when they talk about it and say thanks to family who stand behind them I can't help it. 
I have never truly understood what the family goes through. No one truly does until they are actually married to it. I don't think kids truly understand the emotions behind leaving a loved one for months at a time.

Thank you to all service members! I can type this because of you & my husband who help protect our freedoms!!!! 

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