Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today, mac's brother called. He asked what I was doing then asked if I wanted to go to Busch Gardens. Of course I'm in Virginia beach. He was on the bridge when he decided to call and ask me! Downfall, even if I wanted to go I couldn't it would be a waste of money. Last summer, I went to Busch gardens and rode the verboten (not sure if that is spelled right). But anyways when it was over my mom said she called my name and even hit, oddly enough I don't remember being hit. We came to the conclusion Adrenalin and a stimulate isn't a very good combination. I take a stimulate and then roller coaster added the adrenalin which caused a bad reaction for me.

With that being said. The day isn't over!!! :) Mac emailed a bit today. I will be finishing up homework and who knows what else I will be getting into! Have a great day!!

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