Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pissed Professor??

Thursday night 6pm every week is the assigned class meeting period. Well, my professor had decided to move class because he can't be there. He gave us an option of Friday night same time or Saturday morning. Today he emails us and says class will be held Friday night. So my response is what happens if I am unable to attend. He says I will be marked absent but I can do the discussion threads online for points. My response:

" I mean this in the most respectful manner possible. I do not think it is fair that I will be marked absent and have to do discussion thread. I had every intentions of being to class Thursday night. Now, because you were unable to make it to class I will be penalized for not being able to attend the make up day. When I say penalize I do not just mean by attendance, but by missing the lecture which helps me understand everything a lot better. Yes, you asked when would be best time to meet but just now telling us. I don't have time to make changes to my schedule. It's set every week."

I have yet to hear back from him.... So I wonder?

Wrong of me? I don't think so.

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