Tuesday, July 23, 2013

45 year old in a 21 year old body

**please note I'm not asking for sympathy**
*just venting*

If I hear one more time, "Well, it's unusual someone your age should be...." well it's unusual someone your age should have..." I'm going to break down and lose it. I can't take that anymore.

First issue started when I was younger. I have broken over ten bones (UNUSUAL FOR MY AGE) and even tore all the tendons in my ankle but one. You can ask anyone who grew up around me, they will tell you everytime they saw me I had something different wrong with me. Some else in a brace or a cast. It took years to figure out what it was. When they finally did I was 17. They said it was calcium deficiency. That was when they put me on calcium supplements twice a day. Well, of course I always forget that second time. Well, fast forward a bit. When I got married the doctor had me take a dexa scan again to see where my bones were at. So when that came back it found I have osteopenia[definition] (UNUSUAL FOR MY AGE). Which I was then put on 50,000 ui of D3 calcium and took that once a week for three months.

 Now I am having issues with my eyes. Almost a year ago I was put on birth control and told that if I saw floaters[definition] that it was a serve side effect. So of course, I told my doctor. She took me off the medicine and referred me to an optometrist. Well today I went to the optometrist. They did a routine eye exam, all came back fine. Then he dilated my eyes for further exam. Well they found have broken/disconnected eye tissue inside the fluid in my eyes, UNUSUAL FOR MY AGE. Usually it happens later in years and progresses to causing a spiderweb floater, which effects seeing as a whole. The only way to remove them is a procedure which that can pretty much leaves you blind. Also my eyes have a lot of fluid which can build up and cause floaters put when i blink it should have gone away.

This is what floaters may look like

Well, now I have a visual field test next month to make sure it isn't anything major like tumors etc. Well, the optometrist believes some how the eye tissue that is disconnected is connected to the osteopenia. But here is my bummer issue. I have had issues with my bones all my life. NOTHING, I mean nothing has stopped my bone health issues. Now your adding eye issues to my Osteopenia issue! I sick of the fact no one can give me a straight answer. No one can tell me how to reverse it. No one can tell me what is causing this. Can I just have one person tell me why this is happening? How can I fix it?

With all these issues what if there is more wrong?? I just need answers I can't do this if something else comes back bad. :/

Please excuse my rant and vent. just one of those days. I wish I could talk to mac about it, I wouldn't even know how to tell him without him worrying. I just want to hear his voice now.

If you are still following me now; Thank you for reading it really means a lot.

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