Friday, July 12, 2013

Last night.

Well, last night was rough for me. I don't know it was just one of those nights. I came home from class about 10pm. It had been nasty all day. I just laid on the couch of course I left the radio on. I have a radio on for the dogs when I'm gone. It played all those songs and it just kept adding up. Oh, not to mention going on three weeks of not hearing from mac doesn't help. But it was the first night in a very long time I just couldn't hold the tears back. I really just miss mac. I could always count on an email around a certain time. he was always there for me to vent about my horrible class. & boy was that class last night horrible. I was the only criminal justice major student in that class. Everyone was a business major and working for their associates! I'm out of place! My professor is everywhere but where he should be well at least this week. So I decided it was the weather, classes, & not to mention I have been taken off of some medication due to side effects..... so I'm adjusting to living without it after being on them for 6-8 years give or take.

Well when I got upset I started searching for something to make me feel better and I found one!

i made it four months. or 122 days! I can make it the rest of the way!